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A work-in-progress port of https://github.com/ostc/pftt in ruby.

Will provide functional and performance testing of PHP under different environemnts in an automated manner.

Supported Factors

This tool will provide an automated methodology for testing PHP in many different combinations of factors, the types of which are listed below.


Will support both local and remote hosts, at first executing remote commands via SSH, but also able to support other protocols (such as WinRM) since this support is provided in an abstract manner.

  • Windows (XP SP3 and later)*
  • Posix (with pre-built PHP binaries)


  • Command Line Interface*
  • Over HTTP*
    • IIS*
      • FastCGI*
      • Other SAPIs*
    • Apache
      • ModPHP*
      • Other SAPIs*

PHP Builds

  • Pre-built binaries from windows.php.net (snaps, pre-releases, and releases)*
  • Post-built binaries
    • Windows
    • Linux

Functional Testing

We use an extended subset of phpt file format, and will eventually implement the entire format (missing right now are POST, ENV, and REDIRECTTEST, which we will add support for once we get automation complete).

The extension to this format is that we can pre-replace special PHP Constants (all-caps, wrapped in 3 underscores), which we do in order to tell the script where to access files (See Filesystem Contexts below), as well as a special --PFTT-- section to inform PFTT of special setup instructions, such as which files to populate alongside the script, etc.

Filesystem Contexts

Where the script is and what it is trying to access can (especially on Windows) affect the outcome of tests that access the filesystem in various ways. Because of this, we will execute tests in different contexts to verify functionality across these contexts.

  • Local Filesystem
  • Symlinked directories
  • DFS volumes
  • UNC volumes
  • Etc.

Performance Testing

We can deploy a PHP application (such as Wordpress, MediaWiki) to a deployed Test Bench (with HTTP-based middleware) and use WCAT to gauge its performace. This is handled through our multiple host control mechanism, which we can use to install the test bench on one machine while using another machine to launch a performance test that uses still more machines.