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Remuxing TV Bluray Discs with BatchGuy

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Remuxing Blu-ray discs with BatchGuy

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to remux TV Show Blu-ray discs with BatchGuy


  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5+
  • mkvmerge
  • eac3to
  • Ripped Blu-ray discs

Tips Before Starting

  • Make sure you know the correct episode order of the TV Show you are encoding
  • Make sure you understand the audio and subtitle streams inside of the Blu-ray ie Commentary, SDH, Force Captions etc etc

BatchGuy Tips

  • All BatchGuy Grids can be sorted by double-clicking the header row
  • The (.batchGuyEac3toSettings) file sits at the heart of BatchGuy, so ensure that you save this file after entering information on each screen


  1. Open up BatchGuy and choose Settings. Ensure that all of the exe paths have been specified, choose a Remux Naming Convention Template, set your default BluRay Title Info audio input/output mappings, and defaults for audio and subtitle language and mkvemerge.

BatchGuy Settings Screen
  1. Next, the main menu, choose Create eac3to Batch File

  2. On the Create eac3to Batch File, choose the location where you would like to save your eac3to batch file

  3. Choose whether you want BatchGuy to extract the files in a single directory or in a directory per playlist, based upon the episode number you specify (for this tutorial, directory per playlist has been chosen)

  4. Check the Extract for Remux checkbox at the top of the screen and enter in the Series Name and all the other relevant informaton based upon the Remux Naming Convention Template you chose on the BatchGuy Settings Screen, the mkvemerge batch file location and the mkvmerge output directory

  5. Drag and Drop your Blu-ray discs onto the first grid and select the discs you would like to extract

  6. On the Disc summary grid, select the summaries (episodes) you would like to extract

Create eac3to Batch File Screen
  1. Double-click each summary item (episode) on the Disc summary grid to open up the Blu-ray Title Info Screen

  2. On the Blu-ray Title Info Screen, enter in the episode number (you must tell BatchGuy what the correct episode numbers are)

  3. Enter in the episode name (optional)

  4. Choose the video, audio, subtitles, chapters (at least 1 of these must be chosen)

  5. Enter the MKVToolNix Track Name, Language, Default Track Flag and Forced Track Flag on the right of the screen (BatchGuy will attempt to set the language automatically based upon the eac3to information. If you chose not to enable audio and subtitle language defaults, the English audio default track flag will be defaulted to "yes" and all other audio and subtitles will be defaulted to "no" and the forced track flag will be set to "no")

  6. Next, if you need to add external subtitles, press the Add External Subtitle Button and choose the external subtitle language and spcify the location of the subtitle file and press save. Once you have done thisa, press the update button on the bottom right of the BluRay Title Info Screen.

Blu-ray Title Info Screen

Blu-ray Title Info Screen
  1. On the Create eac3to Batch File Screen, save the (.batchGuyEac3toSettings) file by using the menu located at the upper left corner of the screen and then click the Create eac3to Batch File button and then click the Create mkvmerge Batch File menu items

  2. Find the eac3to (.bat) file BatchGuy created and double-click it to start extracting the Blu-ray tracks

eac3to Batch File
  1. After the Blu-ray files have been extracted, find the extracted files (in this example a directory per playlist)

BatchGuy Episode Folders

BatchGuy Episode Files
  1. Find the mkvmerge (.bat) file BatchGuy created and double-click it to start remuxing the Blu-ray tracks

mkvmerge Batch File
  1. Once the mkvmerge (.bat) file has completed remuxing the Blu-ray files, navigate to the the directory that you chose to output the files and see the remuxed files

BatchGuy Remuxed Files
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