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SoundCloud Downloader

A simple Python script to download music from SoundCloud, using either their API or HTML scrapping. Contains a limited amount of functionalities.


  1. Download the code

Clone this repository:

git clone
  1. Install libraries

You need Python 2.7.5 or above and the following library:

  • SoundCloud client: pip install soundcloud. Refer to their documentation for alternate installation methods (easy_install, apt-get, ...).
  1. Get your client id

You also need a CLIENT ID from SoundCloud. It is as simple as registering your "app".

Download a track

youri:SoundCloud $ python -h
usage: [-h] [--track TRACK] [--playlist PLAYLIST] --id ID

Download a SoundCloud sound or a complete playlist

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --track TRACK, -s TRACK  Download a single track
  --playlist PLAYLIST, -p PLAYLIST
                        Download all tracks from a public playlist
  --id ID, -i ID        Client ID
  --override, -d        Override file if it exists. Defaults to false

To download a track, copy the track page URL from your browser:

youri:SoundCloud $ python --id my_id --track
Found: 'Indiscriminate Killers'

The track will be downloaded to a mp3 folder under the current directory.

Download a playlist

To download all tracks from a playlist, make sure the playlist URL is accessible without password:

  • Either by making the playlist public or
  • By using its "sharing URL". To do so, go to the playlist and click on the "Share" button. Copy the "Private Share" URL that appears.


youri:SoundCloud $ python --id my_id --playlist
Found: 'Execute Every Minute'
File already exists, skipped
Found: 'Indiscriminate Killers'
Found: 'Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - Satellite (ilan Bluestone Remix) [Out Now]'
Error: could not download
Found: 'Missiles at a Wedding - Heavy'
Downloaded: 3, Skipped: 1, Errors: 1

Notice that, for some reason, some titles cannot be downloaded, probably due to restriction set by the author or poster.

The track will be downloaded to a folder named mp3/playlist_title under the current directory.

Download all playlists

To download all tracks from all playlists of a user:

youri:SoundCloud $ python --id my_id --all

The playlists must be public.

Unit tests

Close to zero at the time. Use py.test:

youri:SoundCloud $ py.test -q tests
1 passed in 0.08 seconds


A simple Python script to download music from SoundCloud, using either their API




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