Google flatbuffers implementation using Boost.Spirit
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Google flatbuffers implementation using Boost.Spirit grammars and Biicode dependency manager.

Blog posts:

This is only an experimental project. Flatbuffers specification does not seem to fully describe the binary layout, and so I have no way of guaranteeing 100% compatibility in all cases.

How to build

Instruction verified on Windows, but should not be very much different on OS X.

  • Have fresh biicode and CMake installed.
  • Clone this repo.
  • bii init in the repo folder (bii init -l clion if you wish to work with the project using CLion IDE)
  • bii configure with the right parameters (see *.cmd for examples, but you may need to change paths in there)
  • bii build (or build from VS or CLion using the files produced in the previous step)
  • Run bin/yacoder_flatbuffers-with-spirit-test_main.exe, all test cases should pass