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Updated federated search html results mapping example

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luccioman committed Feb 1, 2019
1 parent b342fdf commit 0dc5cfe58cafa0fe132d8919154920ddf9c662ec
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  1. +8 −9 defaults/federatecfg/
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
# HTML search results mapping
# OpenSearch description :
# OpenSearch template URL :{searchTerms}
# (2019-02-01) HTML search results mapping
# search template URL :{searchTerms}

# This is an example mapping file for OpenSearch systems or search APIs providing results only as HTML
# When possible, it is preferable to use an OpenSearch URL providing results as standard RSS or Atom feed as mapping is generic
@@ -9,16 +8,16 @@
# Character encoding is assumed to be ISO-8859-1

# Result node selector (required)
# In this example, a list item such as : <li class="package-details css-ywvx7i" data-reactid="n">
# In this example, a section such as : <section class="package-list-item__capsule___3_4Eo flex flex-row-reverse pl1-ns pt3 pb2 ph1 bb b--black-10 ">...</section>

# Result link selector relative to the selected result block (required)
# In this example, a link such as <a href="" class="name css-1nx9rl1">packageName</a>
# In this example, a link such as <div class="flex flex-row items-end pr3"><a target="_self" href="/package/packafename">...</a></div>
_sku=div.items-end a

# field mappings
# YaCyFieldname = HTML text node selector, relative to the result block
# In this example title is the text of the link so it has the same selector
# In this example the description is in a paragraph tag such as <p class="description css-zqstoe">Package description</p>

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