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tangdou1 committed Jul 16, 2018
1 parent 9c6a99f commit 0ebb27e5da1938a07aababf8ac5b15c6220d6705
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@@ -3975,10 +3975,15 @@ failed. Reason:==失败. 原因:
Error with URL input==网址输入错误
Error with file input==文件输入错误
pause reason: resource observer: not enough memory space==暂停原因: 资源观察器:没有足够内存空间
Please wait some seconds,==请稍等,
it may take some seconds until the first result appears there.==在出现第一个搜索结果前需要几秒钟时间.
If you crawl any un-wanted pages, you can delete them <a href="IndexCreateQueues_p.html?stack=LOCAL">here</a>.==如果您抓取了不需要的页面, 您可以 <a href="IndexCreateQueues_p.html?stack=LOCAL">点这</a> 删除它们.
Crawl Queue:==抓取队列:
Running Crawls==运行中的抓取
>Crawled Pages<==>抓取到的页面<

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