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Added a first version of Snapcraft configuration file for Snap packaging

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luccioman committed Aug 30, 2018
1 parent c29588d commit 3f9abec3c5bf7a27ac7c25375cbf912fbe022889
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# Configuration file for YaCy Snap packaging with Snapcraft (see
name: yacy
version: '1.921'
summary: YaCy peer-to-peer search engine and intranet search appliance
description: |
YaCy is a decentralized search engine software.
Its search results come from a network of independent peers,
where no single entity decides what gets listed, or in which order results appear.
YaCy nodes can also be placed in intranet environment
which makes YaCy a replacement for commercial enterprise search solutions.
grade: devel
confinement: strict
icon: htroot/env/grafics/yacy.png

command: sh "$SNAP/yacy/" -f -s "$SNAP_USER_DATA"
# Interfaces authorizations requirements
# network-bind - to allow acting as an HTTP server and client
# desktop - to launch the default desktop navigator when starting (with xdg-open command) - not strictly necessary
# home - not strictly necessary but can be conventient for some features to have read/write access to files outside the snap data folders, notably
# - to index files in Intranet mode
# - for index, dump, vocabulary import/export features
plugs: [network-bind, desktop, home]

plugin: ant
- clean
- dist
source: .
- openjdk-8-jdk
override-build: |
snapcraftctl build
tar -xzf RELEASE/yacy*.tar.gz -C "$SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/"

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