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Updated external Solr setup basic instructions

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luccioman committed Apr 3, 2018
1 parent 211f3d0 commit 6784c9be686b3bd0b9736edfd23ec636f8b0fec0
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@@ -1273,10 +1273,11 @@ color_searchurlhover = #1c65ba
# because this default scheme is used the default example scheme can be used as solr configuration
# to use this, do the following:
# - set federated.service.solr.indexing.enabled = true
# - download solr from
# - extract the solr (3.1) package, 'cd example' and start solr with 'java -jar start.jar'
# - download a Solr package from with a version matching the current major Solr version in Yacy (see 'solr.version' in the pom.xml)
# - extract the solr package, go to the extracted directory and start solr (for example with 'bin/solr start' or 'bin/solr start -cloud')
# - create the 'collection1' and 'webgraph' collections with the appropriate configuration, for example with 'bin/solr create -c collection1 -d /yacy_src_dir/defaults/solr'
# - start yacy and then start a crawler. The crawler will fill both, YaCy and solr indexes.
# - to check whats in solr after indexing, open http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/
# - to check what is in solr after indexing, open http://localhost:8983/solr/
federated.service.solr.indexing.enabled = false
federated.service.solr.indexing.url =
federated.service.solr.indexing.sharding = MODULO_HOST_MD5

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