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tangdou1 committed Feb 1, 2019
1 parent 88ac657 commit 76c1c4e6be105981d9743801ae1a6d9ba9378a39
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@@ -881,7 +881,7 @@ Other portal settings can be adjusted in <a href="ConfigPortal_p.html">Generic S
>Title of Result<==>结果标题<
Description and text snippet of the search result==搜索结果的描述和文本片段
42 kbyte<==42kb<
@@ -1233,7 +1233,7 @@ Showing latest #[count]# lines from a stack of #[all]# entries.==显示栈中 #[
Blacklist to use==使用的黑名单
"del & blacklist"=="删除并拉黑"
on the 'Settings'-page in the 'Proxy and Administration Port' field.==在'设置'-页面的'代理和管理端口'字段的上。
@@ -1394,7 +1394,7 @@ A YaCyNews message will be created to inform all peers about a global crawl==YaC
so they can omit starting a crawl with the same start point.==然后他们才能以相同起始点进行爬取.
Describe your intention to start this global crawl (optional)==在这填入您要进行全球爬取的目的(可选)
This message will appear in the 'Other Peer Crawl Start' table of other peers.==此消息会显示在其他节点的'其他节点爬取起始列表'中.
>Add Crawl result to collection(s)<==>添加爬取结果到收集器<
>Add Crawl result to collection(s)<==>添加爬取结果到集合<
>Time Zone Offset<==>时区偏移<
Start New Crawl Job==开始新爬取工作
@@ -1913,11 +1913,43 @@ Crawl Queue<==爬取队列<

#File: IndexDeletion_p.html
>Index Deletion<==>索引删除<
The search index contains==搜索索引包含了
You can delete them here.==你可以在这儿删除它们.
Deletions are made concurrently which can cause that recently deleted documents are not yet reflected in the document count.==删除是同时进行的,这可能导致最近删除的文档尚未反映在文档计数中.
Index Deletion<==索引删除<
The search index contains #[doccount]# documents. You can delete them here.==搜索索引包含了 #[doccount]# 篇文档. 你可以在这儿删除它们.
Deletions are made concurrently which can cause that recently deleted documents are not yet reflected in the document count.==删除是同时进行的,这可能导致最近删除的文档还没有反映在文档计数中.
Delete by URL Matching<==通过URL匹配删除<
Delete all documents within a sub-path of the given urls. That means all documents must start with one of the url stubs as given here.==删除给定网址的子路径中的所有文档. 这意味着所有文档必须以此处给出的其中一个url存根开头.
One URL stub, a list of URL stubs<br/>or a regular expression==一个URL存根, 一个URL存根列表<br/> 或一条正则表达式
Matching Method<==匹配方法<
sub-path of given URLs==给定URL的子路径
matching with regular expression==与正则表达式匹配
"Simulate Deletion"=="模拟删除"
"no actual deletion, generates only a deletion count"=="没有实际删除,只生成删除计数"
"Engage Deletion"=="真正删除"
"simulate a deletion first to calculate the deletion count"=="首先请模拟删除以计算删除数量"
selected #[count]# documents for deletion==选择 #[count]# 篇文档以删除
deleted #[count]# documents==删除了 #[count]# 篇文档
Delete by Age<==按年龄删除<
Delete all documents which are older than a given time period.==删除所有超过给定时间段的文档.
Time Period<==时间段<
All documents older than==所有文件年龄超过
Age Identification<==年龄识别<
>load date==>加载日期
Delete Collections<==删除集合<
Delete all documents which are inside specific collections.==删除特定集合中的所有文档.
Not Assigned<==未分配<
Delete all documents which are not assigned to any collection==删除未分配给任何集合的所有文档
, separated by ',' (comma) or '|' (vertical bar); or==, 分隔按','(逗号)或'|'(垂直条); 或
>generate the collection list...==>生成集合列表...
Delete all documents which are assigned to the following collection(s)==删除分配给以下集合的所有文档
Delete by Solr Query<==通过Solr查询删除<
This is the most generic option: select a set of documents using a solr query.==这是最通用的选项: 使用solr查询选择一组文档.

#File: IndexExport_p.html
@@ -2201,7 +2233,7 @@ Available after successful loading of rss feed in preview==仅在读取rss饲料
> automatically.==>.
>List of Scheduled RSS Feed Load Targets<==>定时RSS饲料读取目标列表<
@@ -3484,7 +3516,7 @@ See the page info about the url.==查看关于此地址的页面信息。
"Show Metadata"=="显示元数据"
"Browse Host"=="浏览主机"
Citation Report==引用报告
Search in Document:==在文档中搜索:
"Show Snippet"=="显示摘录"

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