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@@ -82,7 +82,6 @@ This is a list of searches that had been requested from remote peer search inter
Augmented Browsing<==Angereichertes Browsen<
URL Proxy Settings<==URL Proxy Einstellungen<
With this settings you can activate or deactivate URL proxy.==Mit diesen Einstellungen können Sie den URL Proxy an- oder abschalten.
Service call: ==Serviceaufruf:
@@ -97,9 +96,7 @@ Define client filter. Default: ==Definiere den Client Filter. Standardeinstellun
URL substitution:==Ersetzen von URLs:
Define URL substitution rules which allow navigating in proxy environment. Possible values: all, domainlist. Default: domainlist.==Definiere die Regeln zum Ersetzen von URLs die Navigation in der Proxy Umgebung erlauben. Mögliche Werte: all, domainlist. Standardeinstellung: domainlist.
Augmented Browsing Settings==Angereicherte Browser Einstellungen
Enables or disables augmented browsing. If enabled, all websites will be modified during loading.==Schaltet angereichertes Browsing an oder ab. Wenn aktiviert werden alle Webseite während des Ladens modifiziert.
#File: Autocrawl_p.html
@@ -881,7 +878,6 @@
>Augmented Browsing<==>Angereichertes Browsen<
"Save Settings"=="Einstellungen Speichern"
"Set Default Values"=="Setze Standardwerte"
@@ -4042,10 +4038,6 @@ Content Semantic==Inhalt Semantik
>Automated Annotation<==>Automatische Annotation<
Auto-Annotation Vocabulary Editor==Auto-Annotation Vokabellisten Editor
Knowledge Loader==Wissensdatenbank-Lader
# Submenu Augmented Content
>Augmented Content<==>Angereicherter Inhalt<
Augmented Browsing==Angereichertes Browsing
Filters and Modules==Filter und Module
#File: env/templates/submenuTargetAnalysis.template
@@ -133,9 +133,6 @@
<file original="" source-language="en" datatype="html">
<trans-unit id="1b8e9ae5" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>Augmented Browsing&lt;</source>
<trans-unit id="cfee6436" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>URL Proxy Settings&lt;</source>
@@ -2123,9 +2120,6 @@
<trans-unit id="479c86d8" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<trans-unit id="34c085e7" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>&gt;Augmented Browsing&lt;</source>
<trans-unit id="37b12af6" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>For this option URL proxy must be enabled.</source>
@@ -10485,12 +10479,6 @@
<trans-unit id="b2137635" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>Knowledge Loader</source>
<trans-unit id="44dbab11" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>&gt;Augmented Content&lt;</source>
<trans-unit id="ae4eec37" xml:space="preserve" approved="no" translate="yes">
<source>Augmented Browsing</source>

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