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Fixed shell start script failure on missing memory settings in conf file

Before that fix, the failed when the javastart_Xmx or
javastart_Xms configuration keys were missing for some reason from
yacy.conf file, with the error "Unrecognized option: - Error: Could not
create the Java Virtual Machine."
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luccioman committed Jan 26, 2019
1 parent 9782a98 commit 965c752ed5664781ba29b5f0721f93c6b3109e15
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@@ -193,17 +193,16 @@ then
# startup memory
for i in Xmx Xms; do
j="`grep javastart_$i $CONFIGFILE | sed 's/^[^=]*=//'`";
if [ -n $j ]; then JAVA_ARGS="-$j $JAVA_ARGS"; fi;
if [ -n "$j" ]; then JAVA_ARGS="-$j $JAVA_ARGS"; fi;

# Priority
j="`grep javastart_priority $CONFIGFILE | sed 's/^[^=]*=//'`";

if [ ! -z "$j" ];then
if [ -n $j ]; then JAVA="nice -n $j $JAVA"; fi;
if [ -n "$j" ]; then JAVA="nice -n $j $JAVA"; fi;

PORT="`grep ^port= $CONFIGFILE | sed 's/^[^=]*=//'`";
PORT="`grep ^port= $CONFIGFILE | sed 's/^[^=]*=//'`";
if [ -z "$PORT" ]; then PORT="8090"; fi;

# for i in `grep javastart $CONFIGFILE`;do
# i="${i#javastart_*=}";

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