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tangdou1 committed Jul 16, 2018
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@@ -835,6 +835,22 @@ This is needed if you want to fully participate in the YaCy network.==如果您
You can also use your peer without opening it, but this is not recomended.==不开放您的节点您也能使用, 但是不推荐.

#File: RankingSolr_p.html
>Solr Ranking Configuration<==>Solr排名配置<
These are ranking attributes for Solr.==这些是Solr的排名属性.
This ranking applies for internal and remote (P2P or shard) Solr access.==此排名适用于内部和远程(P2P或分片)Solr访问.
Select a profile:==选择配置文件:
>Boost Function<==>提升功能<
>Boost Query<==>提升查询<
>Filter Query<==>过滤器查询<
>Solr Boosts<==>Solr提升<
"Set Boost Function"=="设置提升功能"
"Set Boost Query"=="设置提升查询"
"Set Filter Query"=="设置过滤器查询"
"Set Field Boosts"=="设置字段提升"
"Re-Set to default"=="重置为默认"
#File: RankingRWI_p.html
>RWI Ranking Configuration<==>RWI排名配置<
@@ -1535,7 +1551,7 @@ These web pages had been crawled by your own crawl task.==您的爬虫任务已
start a crawl by setting a crawl start point on the 'Index Create' page.==在'索引创建'页面设置抓取起始点以开始抓取.

(6) Results for Global Crawling==(6)全球抓取结果
These pages had been indexed by your peer, but the crawl was initiated by a remote peer.==这些网页已经被您的节点索引, 但是它们是被远端节点 crawl的.
These pages had been indexed by your peer, but the crawl was initiated by a remote peer.==这些网页已经被您的节点索引, 但是它们是被远端节点抓取的.
This is the 'mirror'-case of process (1).==这是进程(1)的'镜像'实例.
The stack is empty.==栈为空.
Statistics about #[domains]# domains in this stack:==此栈显示有关 #[domains]# 域的数据:
@@ -2971,11 +2987,12 @@ Search Event Cache<==搜索事件缓存<
Performance Settings of Queues and Processes==队列和进程性能设置
Scheduled tasks overview and waiting time settings:==定时任务一览与等待时间设置:
Queue Size==队列.-<br />大小
Queue Size==队列大小
#Block Time==
#Sleep Time==
#Exec Time==
Block Time==阻塞时间
Sleep Time==睡眠时间
Exec Time==执行时间
Short Mem<br />Cycles==小内存<br />周期
@@ -3014,7 +3031,7 @@ flushed to disc; this may last some minutes.==它们会被冲刷到硬盘中,
#This is is the init size of space for words in cache.==Dies ist die Anfangsgröße von Wörtern im Cache.
Enter New Cache Size==使用新缓存大小
Balancer Settings==平衡器设置
This is the time delta between accessing of the same domain during a crawl.==这是在crawl期间, 访问同一域名的间歇值.
This is the time delta between accessing of the same domain during a crawl.==这是在抓取期间, 访问同一域名的间歇值.
The crawl balancer tries to avoid that domains are==crawl平衡器能够避免频繁地访问同一域名,
accessed too often, but if the balancer fails (i.e. if there are only links left from the same domain), then these minimum==如果平衡器失效(比如相同域名下只剩链接了), 则此有此间歇
delta times are ensured.==提供访问保障.
@@ -3870,7 +3887,7 @@ New Password is empty.==新密码为空.

#File: ViewFile.html
See the page info about the url.==查看关于此网址的页面信息
See the page info about the url.==查看关于此地址的页面信息
"Show Metadata"=="显示元数据"
"Browse Host"=="浏览主机"
Citation Report==引用报告
@@ -3879,10 +3896,10 @@ MimeType:==Mime类型
Search in Document:==在文档中搜索:
"Show Snippet"=="显示摘录"
(click this for full metadata)==(点击这个,获得完整的元数据)
View URL Content==查看链接内容
>Get URL Viewer<==>获取链接浏览器<
>URL Metadata<==>链接元数据<
View URL Content==查看地址内容
>Get URL Viewer<==>获取地址查看器<
>URL Metadata<==>地址元数据<
Word Count==字数
@@ -3989,6 +4006,11 @@ Index Size==索引大小
>Webgraph Edges<==>网页图形边缘<
(reverse link index)==(反向链接索引)
(P2P Chunks)==(P2P块)
@@ -4005,9 +4027,30 @@ Traffic (Crawler)==流量 (爬虫)
Pages (URLs)==页面(链接)
RWIs (Words)==RWIs (字)

#File: HostBrowser.html
>Index Browser<==>索引浏览器<
Browse the index of==浏览索引来自
Enter a host or an URL for a file list or view a list of==输入主机或者地址来查看文件列表,它们来自
>all hosts<==>全部主机<
>only hosts with urls pending in the crawler<==>只是在爬虫中地址待处理的主机<
>only with load errors<==>只有加载错误<
>Browse Host<==>浏览主机<
>Host List<==>主机列表<
>Count Colors:<==>颜色表示:<
Documents without Errors<==没有错误的文档<
Pending in Crawler<==在爬虫中待处理<
Crawler Excludes<==爬虫排除<
Load Errors<==加载错误<
#Administration Options==管理选项
#"Delete Load Errors"=="删除加载错误项"

#File: WatchWebStructure_p.html
@@ -4360,10 +4403,11 @@ Git Repository==Git存储库
Community (Web Forums)==社区(网络论坛)
Download YaCy==下载YaCy
Google Appliance API==Google设备API
>URL Viewer<==>URL查看器<
>Web Search<==>网页搜索<
>File Search<==>文件搜索<
>Compare Search<==>比较搜索<
>Index Browser<==>索引浏览器<
>URL Viewer<==>地址查看器<
Example Calls to the Search API:==调用搜索API的示例:
Administration &raquo;==管理 &raquo;
Search Interfaces==搜索界面
@@ -4373,7 +4417,7 @@ Solr Webgraph Core==Solr网页图形核心
Administration ==管理
>Web Search<==>网页搜索<

>Search Network<==>搜索网络<
#Peer Owner Profile==节点所有者资料
Help / YaCy Wiki==帮助 / YaCy Wiki

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