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Fixed a NullPointerException case on Digest authentication.

Could occur when upgrading from a Debian package configured with Basic
authentication (as in release 1.92.9000) to a more recent one with
Digest authentication, without having re-encoded the admin password (for
example with dpkg-reconfigure).

As reported by eros on YaCy forum
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luccioman committed May 29, 2017
1 parent b65a040 commit aa55d71cf53ccca0f985706983423fac82852f49
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@@ -65,8 +65,11 @@ public static String calcHash(String pw) { // old style hash
public boolean check(Object credentials) {
if (credentials instanceof Credential) { // for DIGEST auth
return ((Credential) credentials).check(c);
if(this.c == null) {
/* credential may be null after switching from BASIC to DIGEST authentication without re-encoding the password */
return false;
return ((Credential) credentials).check(this.c);
if (credentials instanceof String) { // for BASIC auth
final String pw = (String) credentials;

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