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@@ -883,26 +883,23 @@ Replace the word "MySearch" with your own message==用您想显示的信息替

#File: ConfigSearchPage_p.html
Search Page<==搜索页<
>Search Result Page Layout Configuration<==>搜索结果页面布局配置<
Below is a generic template of the search result page. Mark the check boxes for features you would like to be displayed.==以下是搜索结果页面的通用模板.选中您希望显示的功能复选框.
To change colors and styles use the ==要改变颜色和样式使用
menu for different skins==不同皮肤的菜单
Other portal settings can be adjusted in==其他门户网站设置可以在这调整
>Generic Search Portal<==>通用搜索门户<
Other portal settings can be adjusted in <a href="ConfigPortal_p.html">Generic Search Portal</a> menu.==其他门户网站设置可以在<a href="ConfigPortal_p.html">通用搜索门户</a>菜单中调整.
>Page Template<==>页面模板<
>more options<==>更多选项<
Search Page<==搜索页<
>Wiki Name Space<==>百科名称空间<
@@ -913,18 +910,33 @@ Search Page<==搜索页<
>Title of Result<==>结果标题<
Description and text snippet of the search result==搜索结果的描述和文本片段
42 kbyte<==42千字节<
42 kbyte<==42kb<
>Augmented Browsing<==>增强浏览<
<html lang="en">==<html lang="zh">
"Browse index"=="浏览索引"
For this option URL proxy must be enabled==对于这个选项,必须启用URL代理
>Add Navigators<==>添加导航器<
max. items==最大条目数
"Save Settings"=="保存设置"
"Set Default Values"=="设置默认值"
"Set Default Values"=="设置为默认值"
"Top navigation bar"=="顶部导航栏"
show search results on map==在地图上显示搜索结果
Date Navigation==日期导航
Maximum range (in days)==最大范围 (按照天算)
Maximum days number in the histogram. Beware that a large value may trigger high CPU loads both on the server and on the browser with large result sets.==直方图中的最大天数. 请注意, 较大的值可能会在服务器和具有大结果集的浏览器上触发高CPU负载.
keyword subject keyword2 keyword3==关键字 主题 关键字2 关键字3
View via Proxy==通过代理查看
>JPG Snapshot<==>JPG快照<
"Raw ranking score value"=="原始排名得分值"
Ranking: 1.12195955E9==排名: 1.12195955E9
"Delete navigator"=="删除导航器"
Add Navigators==添加导航器
"Add navigator"=="添加导航器"

#File: ConfigUpdate_p.html
@@ -1670,32 +1682,53 @@ To learn how to do that, watch one of the demonstration videos below==观看以

#File: HostBrowser.html
>Index Browser<==>索引浏览器<
Browse the index of==浏览索引来自
Index Browser==索引浏览器
Browse the index of #[ucount]# documents.== 浏览来自 #[ucount]# 篇文档的索引.
Enter a host or an URL for a file list or view a list of==输入主机或者地址来查看文件列表,它们来自
>all hosts<==>全部主机<
>only hosts with urls pending in the crawler<==>只是在爬虫中地址待处理的主机<
>only with load errors<==>只有加载错误<
>Browse Host<==>浏览主机<
> or <==> 或 <
>only with load errors<==>只有加载错误的主机<
Browse Host==浏览主机
"Delete Subpath"=="删除子路径"
Browser for==浏览器关于
"Re-load load-failure docs (404s etc)"=="重新加载具有错误的文档(404s 等)"
Confirm Deletion==确认删除
>Host List<==>主机列表<
>Count Colors:<==>颜色表示:<
Documents without Errors<==没有错误的文档<
Pending in Crawler<==在爬虫中待处理<
>Count Colors:<==>计数颜色:<
Documents without Errors==没有错误的文档
Pending in Crawler==在爬虫中待处理
Crawler Excludes<==爬虫排除<
Load Errors<==加载错误<
#Administration Options==管理选项
#"Delete Load Errors"=="删除加载错误项"
documents stored for host: #[hostsize]#==该主机储存的文档: #[hostsize]#
documents stored for subpath: #[subpathloadsize]#==该子路径储存的文档: #[subpathloadsize]#
unloaded documents detected in subpath: #[subpathdetectedsize]#==子路径中探测到但未加载的文档: #[subpathdetectedsize]#
Show Metadata==显示元数据
link, detected from context==从内容中探测到的连接
Outbound Links, outgoing from #[host]# - Host List==出站链接,从#[host]#中传出 - 主机列表
Inbound Links, incoming to #[host]# - Host List==入站链接,传入#[host]# - 主机列表
<html lang="en">==<html lang="zh">
'number of documents about this date'=='在这个日期的文件数量'
"show link structure graph"=="展示连接结构图"
Host has load error(s)==主机有加载错误项

#File: HostBrowserAdmin_p.html
Administration Options==Administration Options
Delete all==Delete all
>Load Errors<==>Load Errors<
from index==from index
"Delete Load Errors"=="Delete Load Errors"
Administration Options==管理选项
Delete all==全部删除
>Load Errors<==>加载错误<
from index==来自索引
"Delete Load Errors"=="删除加载错误项"

#File: IndexCleaner_p.html

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