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Added some JavaDoc to the RSSMessage class.

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luccioman committed Mar 19, 2018
1 parent a57a04a commit e5f5de0fc77b85473b4cc309369f861bed12c808
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@@ -43,23 +43,55 @@
import net.yacy.cora.protocol.HeaderFramework;
import net.yacy.cora.util.CommonPattern;

* Represents a RSS/Atom feed entry or channel.
public class RSSMessage implements Hit, Comparable<RSSMessage>, Comparator<RSSMessage> {

* Feed entry data tokens, mostly matching Atom and RSS elements.
* @see <a href="">Latest RSS specification</a>
* @see <a href="">The Atom Syndication Format RFC</a>
public static enum Token {

/** Human-readable title for an entry or a feed. */
title(new String[]{"title","atom:title","rss:title",DublinCore.Title.getURIref()}),

/** Reference from an entry or feed to a Web resource URL */
link(new String[]{"link","atom:link","rss:link"}),

/** Human-readable description or subtitle for an entry or a feed. */
description(new String[]{"description","subtitle","atom:subtitle","rss:description", DublinCore.Description.getURIref()}),

/** The publication date for content in a feed or for an antry. */
pubDate(new String[]{"pubDate","lastBuildDate","updated","rss:lastBuildDate","rss:updated"}),

/** Copyright notice for content in the channel. */
copyright(new String[]{"copyright","publisher",DublinCore.Publisher.getURIref()}),

/** The author of an item (Email address) */
author(new String[]{"author","creator",DublinCore.Creator.getURIref()}),

subject(new String[]{"subject",DublinCore.Subject.getURIref()}),

/** One or more categories a channel or item belongs to */
category(new String[]{"category"}),

referrer(new String[]{"referrer","referer"}),

/** The language the channel is written in. */
language(new String[]{"language",DublinCore.Language.getURIref()}),

/** A string that uniquely identifies an item (RSS 2.0) */
guid(new String[]{"guid"}),

/** Time To Live : number of minutes that indicates how long a channel (RSS 2.0) can be cached before refreshing from the source. */
ttl(new String[]{"ttl"}),
docs(new String[]{"docs"}), // url to the documentation for the format used in the RSS file

/** URL to the documentation for the format used in the RSS file (for example */
docs(new String[]{"docs"}),

size(new String[]{"size", "length", YaCyMetadata.size.getURIref()}),
lon(new String[]{Geo.Long.getURIref(), "geo:lon"}), // include possible misspelling geo:lon (instead of geo:long)
lat(new String[]{Geo.Lat.getURIref()});

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