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Add contributor guidelines; closes #214

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# YaCy contributor guidelines

Thank you for contributing to YaCy!
We appreciate all contributions, no matter how small.

Please create a pull request.

Some tips to make it more likely for your pull request to be accepted:

- Don't make big changes without discussing it first.
- Don't make big refactorings without any new functionality.
- Don't remove functionality unless we discussed that somewhere.
- Don't change whitespaces unnecessarily.
- Don't change line endings (LF/CRLF).
- Don't change formatting (spaces, tabs).
- Don't commit code you don't understand.
- Don't commit code without testing its function (and a bit of debugging).
- Don't put someone else's name in your copyright statement (don't put other people's name in the copyright statement if you add a new class; put your own name).

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