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@@ -608,6 +608,11 @@ might overwrite existing data if a file of the same name exists already.==, 旧
<html lang="en">==<html lang="zh">
Network Configuration==网络设置
No changes were made!==未作出任何改变!
Accepted Changes==接受改变
Inapplicable Setting Combination==设置未被应用
For P2P operation, at least DHT distribution or DHT receive (or both) must be set. You have thus defined a Robinson configuration==关于P2P操作,必须至少勾选DHT分发或DHT接收(或两者)。 因此,您已被确定为漂流配置
Global Search in P2P configuration is only allowed, if index receive is switched on. You have a P2P configuration, but are not allowed to search other peers.==P2P配置中的全局搜索仅在打开接受索引时才被允许。您已有P2P配置,但不被允许搜索其他节点。
#Network and Domain Specification
Network and Domain Specification==确定网络和域
YaCy can operate a computing grid of YaCy peers or as a stand-alone node.==Yacy能够以一群YaCy节点组成的计算网络或作为一个孤立节点运行.
@@ -628,7 +633,7 @@ or if you want your own separate search cluster with or without connection to th
Enable 'Robinson Mode' for a completely independent search engine instance,==开启漂流模式获得完全独立的搜索引擎实例,
without any data exchange between your peer and other peers.==且不会与其他节点有任何数据交换。
#Peer-to-Peer Mode
Peer-to-Peer Mode==点对点模式
Peer-to-Peer Mode==P2P模式
>Index Distribution==>索引分发
This enables automated, DHT-ruled Index Transmission to other peers==自动向其他节点传递服从DHT规则的索引
@@ -673,9 +678,6 @@ certificates are not validated against trusted certificate authorities==证书
thus allowing YaCy peers to use self-signed certificates==从而允许YaCy节点使用自签名证书
Note also that encryption of remote search queries is configured with a dedicated setting in the==另请注意,远端搜索查询加密的专用设置配置请使用
No changes were made!==未作出任何改变!
Accepted Changes==接受改变
Inapplicable Setting Combination==设置未被应用

#File: ConfigParser_p.html

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