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DogeButton ! wow

DogeButton is a simple HTML dogecoin donation button which can be easily integrate to any website.


I've made this button on my spare time on my CodePen and find it cool, so I made a No-jQuery version and decided to share it on GitHub.

You can see it working here or checkout the demo.html in this repo.


  • Show address balance on hover (only with Donate button)
  • Copy address to clipboard when clicking on it
  • Such beautiful
  • Only 5.4kb (JS+CSS)

How to add on your website

  1. Include dogebutton.min.css in your head :

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="dogebutton/dogebutton.min.css">
  2. Include dogebutton.min.js at the very end of the page, just before the body tag

    <script type="text/javascript" src="dogebutton/dogecoin.min.js"></script>
  3. Add button everywhere you want !

    <div data-xdgbtn-address="DKVtwbh8YWrXtn5qz8DTB9ZamoYXneKn9F"></div>

    /!\ Don't forget to change the data-address attribute to match your wallet address !

This is my real dogecoin address, so you can donate to DKVtwbh8YWrXtn5qz8DTB9ZamoYXneKn9F if you want ;)


Button Apparence

DogeButton has two theme, by default it's yellow background with dark characters. If you want a darker theme, just add the xdgbtn-black class to the DogeButton.

Button Type

There are two type of button:

  • The default one is the pay with button which only display the Dogecoin address.
  • The donation button, which display the balance of the address on hover.

To use the donate button, just add the xdgbtn-donate class to the DogeButton

<div data-address="DKVtwbh8YWrXtn5qz8DTB9ZamoYXneKn9F" class="btn-dogecoin donate black"></div>


  1. Add option to show a QR Code somewhere on the button
  2. Add option to show the dogecoin balance (e.g: using Dogechain API)
  3. Remove jQuery dependency
  4. Add Copy-to-Clipboard option
  5. Use dogecoin: URI