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// Code generated by msgraph-generate.go DO NOT EDIT.
package msgraph
import "context"
// AuditEventRequestBuilder is request builder for AuditEvent
type AuditEventRequestBuilder struct{ BaseRequestBuilder }
// Request returns AuditEventRequest
func (b *AuditEventRequestBuilder) Request() *AuditEventRequest {
return &AuditEventRequest{
BaseRequest: BaseRequest{baseURL: b.baseURL, client: b.client},
// AuditEventRequest is request for AuditEvent
type AuditEventRequest struct{ BaseRequest }
// Get performs GET request for AuditEvent
func (r *AuditEventRequest) Get(ctx context.Context) (resObj *AuditEvent, err error) {
var query string
if r.query != nil {
query = "?" + r.query.Encode()
err = r.JSONRequest(ctx, "GET", query, nil, &resObj)
// Update performs PATCH request for AuditEvent
func (r *AuditEventRequest) Update(ctx context.Context, reqObj *AuditEvent) error {
return r.JSONRequest(ctx, "PATCH", "", reqObj, nil)
// Delete performs DELETE request for AuditEvent
func (r *AuditEventRequest) Delete(ctx context.Context) error {
return r.JSONRequest(ctx, "DELETE", "", nil, nil)
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