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// Code generated by msgraph-generate.go DO NOT EDIT.
package msgraph
import "time"
// DeviceComplianceSettingState Device compliance setting State for a given device.
type DeviceComplianceSettingState struct {
// Entity is the base model of DeviceComplianceSettingState
// Setting The setting class name and property name.
Setting *string `json:"setting,omitempty"`
// SettingName The Setting Name that is being reported
SettingName *string `json:"settingName,omitempty"`
// DeviceID The Device Id that is being reported
DeviceID *string `json:"deviceId,omitempty"`
// DeviceName The Device Name that is being reported
DeviceName *string `json:"deviceName,omitempty"`
// UserID The user Id that is being reported
UserID *string `json:"userId,omitempty"`
// UserEmail The User email address that is being reported
UserEmail *string `json:"userEmail,omitempty"`
// UserName The User Name that is being reported
UserName *string `json:"userName,omitempty"`
// UserPrincipalName The User PrincipalName that is being reported
UserPrincipalName *string `json:"userPrincipalName,omitempty"`
// DeviceModel The device model that is being reported
DeviceModel *string `json:"deviceModel,omitempty"`
// State The compliance state of the setting
State *ComplianceStatus `json:"state,omitempty"`
// ComplianceGracePeriodExpirationDateTime The DateTime when device compliance grace period expires
ComplianceGracePeriodExpirationDateTime *time.Time `json:"complianceGracePeriodExpirationDateTime,omitempty"`
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