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// Code generated by msgraph-generate.go DO NOT EDIT.
package msgraph
// RoleDefinition The Role Definition resource. The role definition is the foundation of role based access in Intune. The role combines an Intune resource such as a Mobile App and associated role permissions such as Create or Read for the resource. There are two types of roles, built-in and custom. Built-in roles cannot be modified. Both built-in roles and custom roles must have assignments to be enforced. Create custom roles if you want to define a role that allows any of the available resources and role permissions to be combined into a single role.
type RoleDefinition struct {
// Entity is the base model of RoleDefinition
// DisplayName Display Name of the Role definition.
DisplayName *string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
// Description Description of the Role definition.
Description *string `json:"description,omitempty"`
// RolePermissions List of Role Permissions this role is allowed to perform. These must match the actionName that is defined as part of the rolePermission.
RolePermissions []RolePermission `json:"rolePermissions,omitempty"`
// IsBuiltIn Type of Role. Set to True if it is built-in, or set to False if it is a custom role definition.
IsBuiltIn *bool `json:"isBuiltIn,omitempty"`
// RoleAssignments undocumented
RoleAssignments []RoleAssignment `json:"roleAssignments,omitempty"`
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