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RESTful API's are available for nearly all programming environments. Yafra makes use of REST in many examples.

Web Services / SOAP

Web Services / SOAP is another common communication technology and is used in the Java examples by using Apache CXF.

Plain Sockets

The most traditional approach. The travelDB has a complete set of such an implementation using C and Python.


A decoupled approach of communication. RabbitMQ is used in a yafra example.


A higher layer communication approach used within the yafra Java example.


Another common approach supporting multiple programming environments. There is no use in yafra.


Use of OSGi and distributed OSGi. Select right tool for OSGi:

and for dOSGi:

As of now it's unclear how dOSGi further develops. Project Jigsaw will make already a challenge on OSGi and further developments of JEE technologies will put a challenge on dOSGi. Currently (Q1 2012) all dOSGi implementations are poorly documented and it takes a strong learning curve to apply the technology. Therefore we will not provide an example on dOSGi. To implement this layer see request #4

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