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Development Environment

See modelling for information on database modelling tools. In order to develop most IDE's provide support for SQL scripts or provide additional plugins. This will usually include an execution environment to run scripts against the database engine.


yafra example travel db example Setup Guide
YafraDb TdbDb [[Setup Guide
A simple user database A more complex travel management database Guides on setup and configurations



Avoid usage of VIEWS. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) layers do not need views. Use ORM layers if possible. Use standard SQL, avoid any engine specifics.

| MySQL | Oracle | MS SQL Server | Postgres | Derby | |:-------------------:|:---------------------:|:----------------------------:|:---------------:|:---------------:|


MongoDB or the Google Appengine (BigTables) is used as no sql databases. Examples in python and javascript/nodejs are provided.

| MongoDB | |:----------------------:|

ORM layers

Preferred ORM layers are:

Language ORM Example Wiki page
Java Apache Cayenne org.yafra.server.core ORM Cayenne
Python SQLalchemy yafra-pyhton & cli python ORM Alchemy