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Ionic2 Starter for YAGA lealfet-ng2

This Ionic starter comes with a pre-configured YAGA leaflet-ng2 Map.

Using the Starter

Installing Ionic CLI 2.0

This starter project requires Ionic CLI 2.0, to install, run

npm install -g cordova ionic@2.2.3

Make sure to add sudo on Mac and Linux. If you encounter issues installing the Ionic 3 CLI, uninstall the old one using npm uninstall -g ionic first.

Creating the Ionic Project

To create a new Ionic project using this AWS Mobile Hub starter, run

ionic start myApp https://github.com/yagajs/ionic2-starter-leaflet-ng2

Which will create a new app in ./myApp.

Once the app is created, cd into it:

cd myApp

Proceed to the next steps on importing the auto-generated AWS Mobile Hub project.

Running the app

Now the app is configured. To run the app in the browser, run

ionic serve

To run the app in laboratory mode, run

ionic serve -l

To run the app on device, first add a platform, and then run it:

ionic platform add ios
ionic run ios

Or open the platform-specific project in the relevant IDE:

open platforms/ios/MyApp.xcodeproj