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GPS Plugin for leaflet-ng2

This is a GPS service and directive for YAGA's leaflet-ng2.

How to use

First install this module into your project with npm:

npm install --save @yaga/leaflet-ng2-gps

Keep in mind that you have to add @yaga/leaflet-ng2 as peer dependency

Insert this module into your app module

import { YagaModule } from '@yaga/leaflet-ng2';
import { GpsService, YagaGpsModule } from '@yaga/leaflet-ng2-gps';

// ...

    selector: 'app',
    templateUrl: 'app.html',
export class AppComponent {
    // ...

    bootstrap:    [ AppComponent ],
    declarations: [ AppComponent ],
    imports:      [ YagaGpsModule, YagaModule ],
export class AppModule {}

Use the yaga-gps directive in your template and use the Circle, CircleMarker or Marker directives within. You can style the sub-directives like you with directly in the template. The yaga-gps directive take care about their display state and position. In addition the radius of Circle directives gets set according to the GPS accuracy.

<yaga-map [lat]="lat" [lng]="lng">
  <!-- other YAGA directives -->
  <yaga-gps [active]="activeState" [display]="displayState">
        This is your current position...
    <yaga-circle-marker [radius]="3" [color]="'blue'"></yaga-circle-marker>
    <yaga-circle [opacity]="0.4" [weight]="1" [color]="'#00c'" [fillColor]="'#33f'"></yaga-circle>

Note: The radius of the CircleMarker directive will not be set by this directive (it makes no sense!)

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