A Visual Studio extension that allows generating early bound classes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities based on a template file.
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Version: 6.15.9

A Visual Studio extension that allows generating early bound classes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities based on a template file, similar to Entity Framework.


  • Metadata
  • Web service contracts
    • Supports exclusion of saving certain values
  • CRM Actions concrete classes
  • Filtering of attributes to reduce size
  • Bulk relation loading
  • Filtering on relation loading
  • Use display names of entities and fields as variable names
  • Locking names to avoid code errors on regeneration

Benefits of using this tool over the standard tool

  • Control which entities to generate classes for this will keep the size of the generated code to a minimum.
    • If you use the CrmSvcUtil.exe to generate, the code file will be 200,000 lines, compared to ~1000 lines for each entity you select.
  • Customize the way the code is generated
    • You get a default T4 template for the code that is generated, which gives full control over how the code is generated.
  • Built for Visual Studio
    • You never have to leave Visual Studio to regenerate the classes.
    • All the configurations* are stored in the project which allows you save them to Source Control.

How To Use

I will post a complete guide soon ...

Install the VS extension.

Add a template to your project

Highlight the project where you want to store the template and generated code.
Tools –> Add CRM Code Generator Template... (if you don't see this menu, then shutdown VS and reinstall the extension)


  • Start with one of the provided templates.
  • After a template is added to your project you will be prompted for CRM connection info.
  • Pick the entities that you want to include.
  • Click the "Generate Code" button.

If you make schema changes in CRM and you want to refresh the code, right click the template and select "Run Custom Tool".


Changing the template

When you make changes to the template and save, Visual Studio will automatically attempt to re-generate the code.



v6.15.9 (2018-12-18)

  • Fixed: thread deadlock

v6.15.5 (2018-09-23)

  • Fixed: connection string not picking up the password from the UI

v6.15.4 (2018-09-13)

  • Fixed: show missing messages in some entities
  • Fixed: image attribute list empty on first access to dialogue
  • Fixed: updating image throws exception

Copyright © by Ahmed el-Sawalhy (Yagasoft) -- GPL v3 Licence