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Pre Commit Hook Plugin

IntelliJ plugin that allows you to run a hook prior commiting changes to any Version Control System. Good for Version Control Systems that doesn't allow you to run pre-commit-hook on the client side.

See this if you're using git.


Create a file named or pre-commit-hook.bat for Windows, in your project root, exit with non-zero code to 'fail' the commit.

Alternatively you can set custom path to your script:

  1. Open Settings -> Tools -> Pre Commit Hook
  2. Put a path to your script:
    • relative path to your project root (e.g. tools/
    • or absolute path to your script (C://users/me/my_hook.bat)
    • or set to empty for default file (pre-commit-hook)

Known Problems

  • MacOS : IntelliJ starts a new process with non-usual PATH environment variable. A bypass for now is to set the PATH within the script.