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Yahoo is a Verizon Media brand. This organization is the home to many of the active open source projects published by engineers at Yahoo and Verizon Media.

Pinned repositories

  1. COVID-19 datasets are constructed entirely from primary (government and public agency) sources

    60 6

  2. Source code for the Yahoo Knowledge Graph COVID-19 Dashboard

    JavaScript 25 2

  3. Yahoo Knowledge COVID-19 API provides JSON-API and GraphQL interfaces to access COVID-19 publicly sourced data

    JavaScript 26 4

  4. Athenz is a role-based authorization (RBAC) system for provisioning and configuration (centralized authorization) use cases as well as serving/runtime (decentralized authorization) use cases.

    Java 433 171

  5. Elide is a Java library that lets you stand up a GraphQL/JSON-API web service with minimal effort.

    Java 663 159

  6. Allows for other apps to render accessible audio charts

    Kotlin 6 2


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