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Echo is a framework for testing HTTP proxy server remap rules. There are 3 components in this framework:

  1. HTTP Echo Server - This is used for capturing the requests made by the proxy server. echo_http_server provides an echo server to capture http requests

  2. Mock DNS Server - This intercepts the dns requests for resolving origin server IPs and maps them to one of the HTTP Echo Servers. Open source dns servers like dnsmasq, PowerDNS etc can be used for this. echo_dns_mapper provides a script to create the origin to echo server mapping which can be used to generate the configuration for the dns server chosen as mock dns server.

  3. Echo Test Client - This is the actual test client which makes requests to the proxy server and validates the remap rule based on the response. It accept one or more test spec files written in YAML. echo_test_client has the test client script.

The test framework is written in Perl and requires the following packages:

  • LWP
  • HTTP::Message
  • Log4perl
  • AnyEvent
  • Clone
  • List::MoreUtils
  • Pod::Usage
  • Text::TabularDisplay
  • YAML
  • YAML::Syck


This software is licensed under the Artistic License. Refer to LICENSE.txt


  • Damodharan Rajalingam (damu@)
  • Soumya Deb (soumyad@)
  • Pushkar Sachdeva (psachdev@)

(E-mail domain is