Web App Setup

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You can build and deploy the Java web application as follows:

  1. Configure where your indexes are in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/exampleContext.properties.
    The directories found in the directory given by the multiindex.path property and that have names starting with the value of the multiindex.dirprefix property are treated as MG4J indexes. The names will appear in the Dataset dropdown in the webapp.
  2. Use the maven-war-plugin to build the war file. From the projects root directory run the command
    mvn compile (or mvn test)
    mvn war:war (mvn war:exploded maybe of interest to some people too)

This will build the war file Glimmer-?.?.?-SNAPSHOT.war in the ./target directory. 1. Copy the war file/directory into do the deployment directory of your installed Java Servlet container or create a symbolic link.