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Takao Distribution Build Note

  1. Build PhraseTool (from Xcode project)

    Alternatively, use the files contained in

  2. Build sqlite-cerod-see and cerod_build, then copy them to:


    Alternatively, use the files contained in

  3. Install Ruby uuidtools

    sudo gem install uuidtools

    On 10.5, alternatively:

    curl -LO sudo gem install uuidtools-1.0.2.gem

    On 10.5, make sure you remove the "UUIDTools::" namespace in generate-noise.rb

  4. Copy Sinica Corpus *.xml to


  5. Copy Yahoo! search terms data to


  6. Copy tsi.src (for BPMF marking) to


  7. Run ./Utilities/

    cat <search_term.tsv> | ./Utilities/ > current

  8. Copy KeyRings to:


  9. Go to ./Distribution/Takao/DatabaseCooker, run:

    make ; make -f Makefile.SmartMandarin