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Error codes #4

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It seems like there are many more openstack EC2 error codes than are listed on the EC2 docs.
This might be ok, but it would be nice to know what they are....

Run instances:

  1. EC2APIError
  2. ImageNotFound
  3. InstanceLimitExceeded
  4. InstanceTypeDiskTooSmall
  5. InstanceTypeMemoryTooSmall
  6. InstanceTypeNotFoundByName
  7. InvalidInstanceIDMalformed
  8. InvalidParameterValue
  9. InvalidRequest
  10. NotAuthorized
  11. QuotaError
  12. SecurityGroupNotFound
  13. SecurityGroupNotFoundForProject
  14. Unauthorized (huh, duplicate of NotAuthorized?)
  15. UnknownError
  16. (Others??)

For terminate instances it seems like the following can happen:

  1. InstanceNotFound (is this also returned on db failures?)
  2. InvalidInstanceIDMalformed
  3. MigrationNotFoundByStatus (if currently being resized?)
  4. Unauthorized
  5. UnknownError
  6. (Others??)

For describe instances:

  1. Unauthorized
  2. UnknownError (on db failures?)
  3. (Others??)
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