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Top Priority

  • Decorate req/res objects OR extend SessionReqHand to better manage "after open is done" scenarios
  • Implement all the commands :)
    • "/session/:sessionid/element" and "/session/:sessionid/elements" need to be handled into 1 (++gracefulness)

Mid Priority

  • Support for Proxying
  • Support for Screenshots
  • Proper Capabilities negotiation

Low Priority

  • Subclass "RemoteWebDriver" to make setup via simple API
  • Refactor all the Erros in "error.js" to allow an optional, custom Error Handling.
  • Add another kind of "Error", like "CommandFailed", that have a different error handling and report
  • More complex examples

Things to add to PhantomJS

  • Ability to read informations like Operating System, Architecture and so forth
  • Ability to handle "alert(), confirm() and prompt()"
  • PhantomJS "res.write()" doesn't set the 'Content-Length' header automatically :(
  • Add support for Frames and IFrames in PhantomJS
    • And than add it to the driver
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