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<title>boomerang community</title>
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<h1>boomerang community</h1>
boomerang is an opensource javascript library released under the <a href="../LICENSE.txt">BSD license</a>.
It depends on its community to keep it alive.
<h2>Source code</h2>
The source code is on github at <a href=""></a>. Feel
free to fork it and contribute to it. You can also get a <a href="">tarball
or zip archive of the code</a>.
<h2>Bugs & Discussions</h2>
Use github's <a href="">issue tracking system</a> to report or follow bugs or to
discuss features and get support.
<h2>Other projects</h2>
Other opensource devs have incorporated boomerang into their own projects. The following is a partial list:
<li><a href="">Drupal module for boomerang</a></li>
Copyright (c) 2011, Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyrights licensed under the BSD License. See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for terms.