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#Copyright (c) 2011 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Licensed under the BSD License.
# See accompanying LICENSE file or for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
__author__ = "BOSS Team"
from distutils.core import setup
from os import path
from shutil import copy
if not path.exists("deps"):
raise Error, "Could not locate deps folder. Please see README on how to create one."
copy("deps/dict2xml/", "yos/crawl/")
copy("deps/xml2dict/", "yos/crawl/")
copy("deps/xml2dict/", "yos/crawl/")
files = ["*.*"]
setup(name = "boss_mashup_framework",
version = "0.1",
description = "A library for joining external web services with Yahoo's Boss API to produce unique search results pages",
author = "Vik Singh",
author_email = "",
url = "",
data_files= [("", ["config.json"])],
package_dir={"templates/california": "templates/california"},
packages = ['examples_v1', 'examples_v2', 'templates', 'util', 'yos', 'yos.boss', 'yos.crawl', 'yos.yql'],
'Development Status :: 2 - Pre-Alpha',
'Intended Audience :: Developers',
'Topic :: Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Indexing/Search',
'Topic :: Web Services :: Search',
'Environment :: Web Environment',
'License :: Free To Use But Restricted',
'License :: Other/Proprietary License'
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