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Reference Applications

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Open Source

  • Contactor (live link) is a data-driven Fluxible demo application. Uses Fetchr, AMQP, and Github as a simple data service. Another possible useful source of inspiration for solving problems encountered while developing an isomorphic application.
  • (live link) is a containerized continuous integration testing service for running Dockunit test suites hosted on Github. Built on Fluxible and Docker. It is 100% open source.
  • Flux Examples contains various Flux examples built with Fluxible.
  • is this website! Showcases data fetching, routing, analytics, search and more.
  • isomorphic500 (live link) is a Fluxible demo application showing photos from 500px. It uses the official Fluxible plugins, supports multiple language and includes a full-stack development environment. Useful as a source of inspiration to solve some common cases encountered while developing an isomorphic application.
  • quad-blog (live link) is a blog written with Fluxible. Another possible useful source of inspiration for solving problems encountered while developing an isomorphic application.
  • SlideWiki Platform is an OpenCourseWare authoring platform.

Closed Source

  • is the video site for the french television Channel "M6"
  • Carousell is one of the world's largest and fastest growing online marketplaces.
  • CodePad is an All-in-one pair programming tool ideal for phone interviews. Supports and compiles 10+ languages and has full bash access too.
  • DICE FM is a music startup based in London that handpicks the best gigs in your city.
  • Docker Hub (Beta) is a cloud-based platform service for distributed applications. It includes container image distribution and change management, user and team collaboration, and lifecycle workflow automation.
  • LD-R Linked Data-driven Web Components.
  • Mailjet Passport is an email builder app (WYSIWYG & HTML Editor), automagically generating responsive emails.
  • Porch is the home network, helping homeowners make informed decisions on home improvements and in selecting the right home professionals.
  • ShaderFrog is a WebGL, Three.js, Fluxible browser-based shader editor that can export GLSL shaders to multiple targets.
  • SVT Sport is a isomorphic site providing sports coverage for Swedish Television.
  • Vanity Fair is a magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs published by Condé Nast.
  • Yahoo Beauty is Yahoo's first digital magazine on Fluxible.
  • Yahoo Daily Fantasy is a fantasy sports app where users can compete everyday with one-day or weeklong contests, setting lineups with simplified salary caps and easy access to news and scores from Yahoo’s Fantasy experts.
  • Yahoo Finance Finance site for Yahoo.
  • Yahoo News News site for Yahoo.
  • Yahoo Search SDK is a software developer toolkit to integrate Yahoo Search into native apps.
  • Yahoo Sports Sports site for Yahoo.
  • Yahoo Taiwan is the mobile frontpage for Yahoo Taiwan.