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API: handleRoute

The handleRoute higher-order component handles listening to the RouteStore for changes and passes props to the supplied component.

handleRoute is leveraged in the handleHistory higher-order component and also in navigateAction.

Props Passed

These props will be passed to your component when a RouteStore change is emitted.

Prop Description
currentNavigate The current payload received when NAVIGATE_START is dispatched.
currentNavigateError An object representing a navigation error. Note: this is not an Error object, it will only contain message and statusCode properties.
isNavigateComplete A boolean representing if the navigateAction has completed. Set to true after NAVIGATE_SUCCESS or NAVIGATE_FAILURE.
currentRoute The config object from the matched route.
isActive A shortcut to RouteStore.isActive. See: RouteStore.
makePath A shortcut to RouteStore.makePath. See: RouteStore.

Example Usage

// components/MyComponent.jsx
var handleRoute = require('fluxible-router').handleRoute;

var MyComponent = React.createClass({
    render: function () {
        // Get the handler from the current route which is passed in as prop
        var Handler = this.props.currentRoute.handler;

        return (
                <Handler />

// wrap with route handler
MyComponent = handleRoute(MyComponent);

module.exports = MyComponent;

Decorator Usage

***Decorators are an evolving proposal and should be used with caution as the API may change at any point. Decorator support in fluxible-addons-react was built against Babel 5's implementation of decorators. As of Babel 6, support for decorators has been removed although third party transforms have been attempted with limited success.

Decorators are also only proposed for classes and properties and therefore will not work with stateless functional components. See decorator pattern for more information on the proposal.***

// components/App.jsx
import {provideContext} from 'fluxible-addons-react';
import {handleHistory} from 'fluxible-router';

class MyComponent extends React.Component {

export default MyComponent;