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API: navigateAction

The navigateAction is a Fluxible action that dispatches NAVIGATE_* events that the RouteStore handles.

navigateAction will load a new route and update the URL of your application. You can call this action directly to update the URL of your application. It is also invoked indirectly when a user clicks on a NavLink.

navigateAction expects a {method, url} object as a payload, where method is the HTTP method used to retrieve the URL (e.g. 'get'.). It also can accept a {method, routeName, params}, if you want to let the router do the url composing.

If no matching route is found, navigateAction will call the callback with an error where err.statusCode is set to 404.

If a route is successfully matched, navigateAction will first dispatch a NAVIGATE_START event, with route data as the payload (see below). navigateAction will then try to find an action associated with the route from the route config; this can either be an action function or the name of an action function (retrieved with context.getAction(name).) If an action is found, it is executed, with route data as the payload. navigateAction finally will dispatch a NAVIGATE_SUCCESS event, or NAVIGATE_FAILURE event if the route's action returns an error.

Route Data

navigateAction passes a route object as the payload for all events and as the payload for any called actions. This consists of:

Field Name Description
name The name of the matched route.
url The actual URL that was matched.
routeName Not used if url is specified. This is the name of the target route, which should be defined in your app's routes.
params Parameters parsed from the route. If url prop is not available, params object will be used together with routeName to generate the href for the link.
query Query parameters parsed from the URL. Note that if a query parameter occurs multiple times, the value in this hash will be an array.
config The configuration for the route.
navigate The payload passed to navigateAction.
type A value of replacestate will enable the replaceState functionality of the History API instead of pushState.