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What is this example?

This examples demonstrate how to use locator-handlebars in an express application that relies on locator and express-view to render a page. It also demonstrate how to use a main layout for the page while relying on another handlebars template for the main area of the page (aka outlet).

How does it work?

There are three templates in this example, templates/bar.handlebars, templates/partials/baz.handlebars and templates/layout.handlebars. They work together to form a composite view where bar will be inserted within a div in page's outlet entry, and baz will be treated as a partial template called from page.

But when the page gets executed on the browser, we can use a loader (e.g.: YUI Loader) to load a compiled version of bar on-demand, and call for render, producing a html fragment that can be inserted in the DOM.

How to test this app?

First, clone and install the component.

git clone
cd locator-handlebars
npm install

Second, install the example dependencies:

cd example
npm install

Third, run the express application:

node app.js

Then navigate to:

  • http://localhost:3000/
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