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mojito-cli wiki

Attention users upgrading to mojito@0.7.0 who use cli commands from within the mojito package (for example, in continuous integration job flows), should declare mojito-cli as a devDependency. Details here.

Mojito Status

  • mojito@0.7.0
    • Users must install mojito-cli to use the "mojito" commands from the shell.
    • The mojito package no longer contains the command line tools.
    • For installation details, including use in continuous integration environments, see NpmInstallation.
  • mojito@0.5.9pr1
    • Old cli usage deprecated, invoking cli without mojito-cli emits console warnings.
    • compile command removed.
  • mojito@0.5.8
    • hybdridapp type removed from build command.

Mojito-Cli Status

  • mojito-cli@0.1.0
    • All commands re-packaged on the npm registry, bundled with mojito-cli command line runner or available separately.
  • mojito-cli@0.0.1
    • To install globally instead of the "mojito" package.
    • Used in conjunction with a locally installed mojito package for some commands.