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Removed an unnecessary step in bundling packages, clarified the resou…

…rce types.
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commit 11379a5475c2d166b443d709d61b9ef03380cdc3 1 parent 982ae53
@zhouyaoji zhouyaoji authored
10 docs/dev_guide/topics/mojito_npm.rst
@@ -56,9 +56,6 @@ The following steps are just a guideline and not definitive instructions. Your a
may not need to install any npm modules.
#. Create a Mojito application.
-#. Install Mojito in your application with npm.
- ``{app_dir}$ npm install mojito``
#. Add any needed dependencies to ``dependencies`` object in ``package.json``.
#. Install dependencies with npm.
@@ -169,9 +166,10 @@ specifies the resource type and location.
| | | | See :ref:`res_types` for |
| | | | details. |
-| ``version`` | String | Yes | The version of Mojito |
+| ``version`` | String | No | The version of Mojito |
| | | | required to use the |
-| | | | resource. |
+| | | | resource. |
+| | | | For example: ``">0.4"`` |
@@ -190,7 +188,7 @@ Currently, Mojito packages can be of type ``mojit`` or ``bundle``. See the secti
-The ``mojit`` type specifies that the NPM module contains a mojit. The resources in the mojit (controller, views, etc.) will be looked for at
+The ``mojit`` type specifies that the npm module contains a mojit. The resources in the mojit (controller, views, etc.) will be looked for at
the location specified by the ``"location"`` field of the ``mojito`` object. For example, the controller will be looked for
in the following location, where ``{name}`` is the name of the npm package: ``{location}/controller.{affinity}.{selector}.js``
7 docs/dev_guide/topics/mojito_resource_store.rst
@@ -375,6 +375,7 @@ The ``type`` property of the ``metadata`` object can have any of the following v
- ``binder`` - a binder for a mojit
- ``asset`` - an asset (css, js, image, etc.)
- ``addon`` - an addon to the mojito system
+- ``archetype`` - the commands to create resources as described in the output from ``mojito help create``
- ``spec`` - the configuration for a mojit instance
- ``yui-lang`` - a YUI 3 language bundle
- ``yui-module`` - a YUI 3 module (that isn't one of the above)
@@ -388,9 +389,9 @@ You can use a subtype to specify types of a ``type``. For example, a
resource of ``type:addon`` might have subtypes, such as ``subtype:ac`` for AC addons,
``subtype:view-engine`` for view engines, or ``subtype:rs`` for |RS| addons.
-For ``type:archetype``, the subtypes refers to the ``type`` described in the output from
-the command ``mojito help create``. So, you could have ``subtype:app`` or
-``subtype:mojit``. (There may be more in the future!)
+For ``type:archetype``, the subtypes could be ``subtype:app`` or
+``subtype:mojit``. The subtype specifies what archetype Mojito should create,
+such as an application or mojit. (There may be more in the future!)
.. _sel_prop:
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