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Added a section for features no longers supported by the Mojito CLI.

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@@ -264,47 +264,6 @@ Version Information
.. note:: Showing the version of the application and mojit requires that they have a
``package.json`` file.
-.. _mj_cmdlne-build_sys:
-Build System
-Mojito comes with a build command for generating an HTML5 offline Mojito
-application that runs in different environments. The command must be run inside
-of the application you want built.
-``$ mojito build <type> [<output-path>] [--context "key1:value1,key2:value2,key3:value3"]``
-Output is written to ``{app-dir}/artifacts/builds/{type}`` by default. See
-:ref:`Specifying Context <mj_cmdline-context>` to learn about the ``--context``
-.. _build_sys-types:
-Build Types
-The following sections describe the available build type.
-.. _build_types-html5app:
-To build an HTML 5 application, use the the following:
-``$ mojito build html5app``
-This generates a HTML5 Offline Application with a ``cache.manifest`` listing
-all the files that will be available offline. An ``index.hb.html`` page is
-generated from the result of calling the Web root ``/`` of the Mojito
-application that this command was run within. You can build other pages by
-specifying the pages in the ``"builds": "html5app"`` object in
-``application.json``. The `html5 <../intro/mojito_configuring.html#html5app-object>`_
-object lets you add the ``manifest`` attribute to the ``html`` element,
-configure relative paths, and specify a list of URLs to pages to generate.
.. _mj_cmdline-dependency:
Dependency Graphs (Deprecated)
@@ -327,14 +286,40 @@ The ``mojito gv`` command has the following options:
.. note:: To render the Graphviz files into GIF images, you need the `Graphviz - Graph
Visualization Software <>`_.
+No Longer Supported
+As of Mojito v0.9, several command-line features are no longer supported.
+The following sections discuss what's not supported and offer possible solutions.
+.. _mj_cmdline-mojito_start:
+mojito start
+Applications are no longer started with ``mojito start``. You start applications
+with ``node`` and the boot file ``app.js``:
+``$ node app.js``
+.. _mj_cmdlne-build_sys:
+mojito build
+As of Mojito v0.9, the ``build`` command for creating HTML5 applications
+from Mojito applications is no longer available.
.. _mj_cmdline-context:
-Specifying Context
+Specifying Context: --context
-You specify a base context in the ``app.js`` by passing a ``context`` object
-to the ``extend`` method. In the example snippet from ``app.js`` below, the
-application when started will use the base context ``environment:staging``:
+You can no longer specify the base context with the ``--context`` option.
+To specify a base context in Mojito v0.9 and later, you pass a ``context`` object
+to the ``extend`` method in the file ``app.js``. In the example snippet from
+``app.js`` below, the application when started will use the base context ``environment:staging``:
.. code-block:: javascript
@@ -351,8 +336,3 @@ application when started will use the base context ``environment:staging``:
Learn more about contexts in `Using Context Configurations <../topics/mojito_using_contexts.html>`_.
-.. note:: Mojito v0.8 and Earlier
- In versions before Mojito v0.9, you use the Mojito CLI utility to specify a
- base context: ``$ mojito start --context "key1:value1,key2:value2,key3:value3"``

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