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Commits on Dec 4, 2012
  1. @isao
  2. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #820 from zhouyaoji/docs_update_extending_mojito_c…

    zhouyaoji authored
    [docs] Update the extending mojito chapter, in particular, sections on addons and view engines.
  3. @zhouyaoji
  4. @zhouyaoji

    Specified that the addon file name must be the same as the namespace,…

    zhouyaoji authored
    … clarified that ac and addons are similar but not the same as YUI Base object and YUI Plugins, and removed the definition of a YUI module.
Commits on Dec 3, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #819 from lzhan/last

    lzhan authored
    update test as the app is updated
  2. update test as the app is updated

    Lichun Zhan authored
  3. @isao

    Merge pull request #818 from isao/buildjsfix

    isao authored
    mojito build fix
  4. @isao

    minor rename

    isao authored
  5. @isao

    declare regexes at top

    isao authored
  6. @isao

    enable copyModule()

    isao authored
  7. @isao
  8. @isao


    isao authored
Commits on Dec 1, 2012
  1. @isao
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. @isao

    process scraped html pages to insert a meta-charset

    isao authored
    tag, if such a tag doesn't already exist. based on
    attachCharset() from un-merged develop-perf build.js.
  2. @isao

    minor comment

    isao authored
  3. @isao

    new app config build.«type».insertCharset

    isao authored
    the «value» of this config should be empty, or a
    valid charset. Default is 'UTF-8'. if set, .html
    files scraped by the build script will get a
    charset meta tag inserted after any <head> tag
    like: <meta charset="«value»">
  4. @isao

    Merge pull request #813 from isao/buildfix

    isao authored
    fix build html5/hybrid bug for shared mojits
  5. @mojit0

    Merge pull request #817 from mojit0/develop

    mojit0 authored
    Preliminary CLI test infrastructure.
  6. @mojit0
  7. @mojit0

    Preliminary CLI test infrastructure.

    mojit0 authored
    Updates to the run.js file to support a -c and --cli option which force nodejs driver but still leverage Arrow for test descriptors and reporting.
    Simple "load check" test for cli.js itself and related descriptor.
  8. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #816 from zhouyaoji/docs_proofread

    zhouyaoji authored
    [docs] Proofread rendered reST and fixed any formatting problems because of malformed or badly indented reST.
  9. @zhouyaoji
  10. @zhouyaoji
  11. @zhouyaoji
  12. @mojit0

    Merge pull request #815 from mojit0/develop

    mojit0 authored
    Stop running cli on import. This makes it untestable.
  13. @mojit0

    Stop running cli on import. This makes it untestable.

    mojit0 authored
    Running the cli on import makes it untestable. New version exports a run function the importer can invoke when ready.
  14. Merge pull request #803 from lzhan/tests

    lzhan authored
    add coverage to the git ignore list
  15. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #807 from zhouyaoji/docs_logging_0.5

    zhouyaoji authored
    [docs-ex] Updated logging documentation and simple logging example for v0.5.
  16. @caridy

    Merge pull request #808 from caridy/debug-config

    caridy authored
    Y.config.debug is true by default per YUI default settings:
    - we should honor that.
    - Making sure that default log level is computed correctly based on the initial definition of logLevelOrder
    - moving that default definition to the configuration config.json
  17. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #814 from zhouyaoji/docs_reconcile_merge_issues

    zhouyaoji authored
    [doc] Fixed doc issues/discrepancies created by merge of develop-perf into dev...
  18. @zhouyaoji
  19. @isao

    fix build html5/hybrid bug for shared mojits

    isao authored
    url metadata for shared/app-level mojits is in a
    special mojit named "Shared", not via the mojit it
    was packaged in.
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. fix command mojito test mojit -c

    Lichun Zhan authored
  2. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #811 from drewfish/test-yaml-disable

    drewfish authored
    disable yaml tests, other cleanups
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