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Commits on Jan 15, 2013
  1. Drew Folta
  2. Drew Folta

    Merge pull request #923 from drewfish/debug-arrow

    drewfish authored
    workaround how arrow is tweaking with console.debug()
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. Drew Folta
  2. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #911 from jianlin/patch-8

    zhouyaoji authored
    Update docs/dev_guide/code_exs/calling_yql.rst
  3. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #901 from jianlin/patch-7

    zhouyaoji authored
    Update docs/dev_guide/intro/mojito_binders.rst
  4. Caridy Patiño

    Merge pull request #916 from caridy/yaml

    caridy authored
    re-enable yaml support:
    - closes #804
    - appConfig can be used as part of mojito start
    - comments are now supported
  5. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #899 from jianlin/patch-5

    zhouyaoji authored
    Update docs/dev_guide/topics/mojito_testing.rst
  6. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #921 from zhouyaoji/docs_faq_extend-reuse_mojits

    zhouyaoji authored
    [doc] Added FAQ discussing how to re-use and extend mojits.
  7. Joe Catera

    Fixed a typo.

    zhouyaoji authored
  8. Joe Catera

    Clarified that it's mojit inheritance and not inheritance in general …

    zhouyaoji authored
    …that is not supported, also listed what can't be re-used/extended in Mojito.
  9. Joe Catera
  10. Joe Catera

    Finished rough draft of doc.

    zhouyaoji authored
  11. Merge pull request #913 from lzhan/addunittest

    lzhan authored
    add unit test for version
  12. Caridy Patiño

    moving docs around

    caridy authored
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. Caridy Patiño

    re-enable yaml support and accomodating multi-part ycb for applicatio…

    caridy authored
    …n.json as well. this fixes issue #804
  2. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #915 from jianlin/patch-9

    zhouyaoji authored
    Update docs/dev_guide/reference/mojito_troubleshooting.rst
  3. jianlin
  4. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #914 from zhouyaoji/docs_add_links_presentation

    zhouyaoji authored
    [doc] Docs add links to presentation given by Caridy at YUIConf 2012.
  5. Joe Catera

    Made copy edits.

    zhouyaoji authored
  6. Joe Catera
  7. add unit test for version

    Lichun Zhan authored
  8. Caridy Patiño

    Merge pull request #905 from caridy/multi-appjson

    caridy authored
    fixes [gh238] [bz5667423] support for multiple application configuration files
  9. Caridy Patiño
  10. jianlin
  11. Caridy Patiño

    Merge pull request #910 from caridy/manhattan-logs

    caridy authored
    fixes #bz5908204: using unformatted logs when running in production systems without tty.
  12. Caridy Patiño

    when running on production, we should rely on console.log directly in…

    caridy authored
    …stead of std.err used by yui-log-nodejs
  13. Joe Catera

    Changed format of links.

    zhouyaoji authored
  14. Joe Catera
  15. Joe Catera

    Merge pull request #909 from zhouyaoji/docs_add_archived_docs_link

    zhouyaoji authored
    [doc] Added links to archived docs.
  16. Joe Catera
  17. Isao Yagi

    Merge pull request #906 from isao/hybridapp

    isao authored
    fix missing snapshot.packages in build hybridapp
  18. Drew Folta
  19. Caridy Patiño
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. Isao Yagi
  2. Drew Folta
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