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Commits on Jan 15, 2013
  1. @drewfish
  2. @drewfish

    Merge pull request #923 from drewfish/debug-arrow

    drewfish committed
    workaround how arrow is tweaking with console.debug()
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
  1. @drewfish
  2. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #911 from jianlin/patch-8

    zhouyaoji committed
    Update docs/dev_guide/code_exs/calling_yql.rst
  3. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #901 from jianlin/patch-7

    zhouyaoji committed
    Update docs/dev_guide/intro/mojito_binders.rst
  4. @caridy

    Merge pull request #916 from caridy/yaml

    caridy committed
    re-enable yaml support:
    - closes #804
    - appConfig can be used as part of mojito start
    - comments are now supported
  5. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #899 from jianlin/patch-5

    zhouyaoji committed
    Update docs/dev_guide/topics/mojito_testing.rst
  6. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #921 from zhouyaoji/docs_faq_extend-reuse_mojits

    zhouyaoji committed
    [doc] Added FAQ discussing how to re-use and extend mojits.
  7. @zhouyaoji

    Fixed a typo.

    zhouyaoji committed
  8. @zhouyaoji

    Clarified that it's mojit inheritance and not inheritance in general …

    zhouyaoji committed
    …that is not supported, also listed what can't be re-used/extended in Mojito.
  9. @zhouyaoji
  10. @zhouyaoji

    Finished rough draft of doc.

    zhouyaoji committed
  11. Merge pull request #913 from lzhan/addunittest

    lzhan committed
    add unit test for version
  12. @caridy

    moving docs around

    caridy committed
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. @caridy

    re-enable yaml support and accomodating multi-part ycb for applicatio…

    caridy committed
    …n.json as well. this fixes issue #804
  2. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #915 from jianlin/patch-9

    zhouyaoji committed
    Update docs/dev_guide/reference/mojito_troubleshooting.rst
  3. @jianlin
  4. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #914 from zhouyaoji/docs_add_links_presentation

    zhouyaoji committed
    [doc] Docs add links to presentation given by Caridy at YUIConf 2012.
  5. @zhouyaoji

    Made copy edits.

    zhouyaoji committed
  6. @zhouyaoji
  7. add unit test for version

    Lichun Zhan committed
  8. @caridy

    Merge pull request #905 from caridy/multi-appjson

    caridy committed
    fixes [gh238] [bz5667423] support for multiple application configuration files
  9. @caridy
  10. @jianlin
  11. @caridy

    Merge pull request #910 from caridy/manhattan-logs

    caridy committed
    fixes #bz5908204: using unformatted logs when running in production systems without tty.
  12. @caridy

    when running on production, we should rely on console.log directly in…

    caridy committed
    …stead of std.err used by yui-log-nodejs
  13. @zhouyaoji

    Changed format of links.

    zhouyaoji committed
  14. @zhouyaoji
  15. @zhouyaoji

    Merge pull request #909 from zhouyaoji/docs_add_archived_docs_link

    zhouyaoji committed
    [doc] Added links to archived docs.
  16. @zhouyaoji

    Added links to archived docs.

    zhouyaoji committed
  17. @isao

    Merge pull request #906 from isao/hybridapp

    isao committed
    fix missing snapshot.packages in build hybridapp
  18. @drewfish

    renabled yaml functional tests

    drewfish committed
  19. @caridy
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. @isao
  2. @drewfish
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