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Mojito fails in IE6/7 and IE10 (compatibility IE7) #262

focuzz opened this Issue Jul 12, 2012 · 6 comments

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focuzz commented Jul 12, 2012

Using Mojito in IE6/7 linked with problem - events module of yui fails when using binders (it seems like this bug is linked with yui bug


@focuzz can you describe the problem a bit more? what functionality is broken?

focuzz commented Jul 12, 2012

Yes, sample app (just app, with just mojit with defer true). Works in FF, Crome etc. Fails in IE6/7. Fails at mojito/autoload/output-handler.client.js on line 101 (Unable to get property 'indexOf' of undefined or null reference) - headers contains 'content-type'.

caridy commented Aug 6, 2012

@focuzz can you try that example with this setting in the application.json:

    "yui": {
        "dependencyCalculations": "precomputed+ondemand"

It is just a hunch, but I guess this problem is related with the fact that old IE versions require some YUI specific modules, and since the default behavior in mojito is "precomputed", it fails badly in those escenarios.

If this fix the problem for your example with the latest mojito, that means we should set "precomputed+ondemand" as the default behavior, and eventually introduce a new one to use the new features in YUI 3.6.x to optimize the loader metadata per request.

focuzz commented Aug 7, 2012

Didn't help... Will try to dig more deep in evening.


Thanks @focuzz , let us know what you find out!

caridy commented Jan 29, 2013

This should not be an issue anymore in 0.5.x since YUI loader will load IE specific bundles when needed. Closing this. @focuzz, feel free to reopen it.

@caridy caridy closed this Jan 29, 2013
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