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AdapterResourceStore: expandInstance #438

diervo opened this Issue · 1 comment

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The adapterResourceStore acts as a proxy for the real resourceStore (where the pluggins are binded).
The AdapterResourceStore removes the action from the spec when passing it to the real store. (Lines: 65-72 resource-store-adapter)
In consecuence, from the plugins I cannot know which action was called.
Adter all the calling the adapterStore merge back the original specs with the ones expanded (Line:88)

So the store.expandInstance would need the full instance object to be able to distinguish the action.

@drewfish P1 for Shaker please!! :)


@rwaldura Could you assing proprely priority? Shaker2.0 should not ship until you guys can fix me this issue.
I would like to fix it but I think it may brake other things since is a change on the store... So drew to the rescue! ;)

@drewfish drewfish referenced this issue from a commit in drewfish/mojito
@drewfish drewfish fix #438 more lightweight resource store adapter e6d3240
@drewfish drewfish closed this in e6d3240
@drewfish drewfish referenced this issue from a commit in drewfish/mojito
@drewfish drewfish revert #456, reopen #438
Revert "Merge pull request #456 from drewfish/gh438-rs-adapter"

This reverts commit 82ab5af, reversing
changes made to 7558065.


@drewfish drewfish reopened this
@drewfish drewfish closed this in 82ab5af
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