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mojito start loads tests from addons #50

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We made an addon and put it on app/addons/ac/

A test for it located on the sub-directory app/addons/ac/tests/ is successfully loaded and executed with the "mojito test" command.

But when the file is left on the app/addons/ac/tests/ directory, the "mojito start" command throws an error on server load:

YUI-INFO get: Loaded:
ERROR nodejsYUI3:

ERROR nodejsYUI3: TypeError: undefined is not a function
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at Object.fn
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at [object Object]._attach
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at [object Object]._use
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at [object Object].
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at Object._finish
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at Object._onSuccess
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at Object.loadNext
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at [object Object].
ERROR nodejsYUI3: at
ERROR nodejsYUI3:

DEBUG Mojito HTTP Server initialized in 1293ms.

When the file is on the directory app/tests/, it is successfully loaded both on "test" and "start" commands. But its placement is odd: ac addons tests should be on the addons/ac/ directory, and not somewhere else.

Our suggestion is to make "mojito start" ignore either files on tests/ directories or ending with -tests.js, or both.

@drewfish drewfish closed this
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