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ondemand breaks mojitProxy.render #717

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denchen Caridy Patino

Using Mojito 0.4.5, if the "yui" section of application.json contains:

"dependencyCalculations": "ondemand"
"dependencyCalculations": "precomputed+ondemand"

then calling mojitProxy.render() from a binder returns an error similar to the following:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function view-renderer.common.js:26
Renderer view-renderer.common.js:26
privateRender mojito-client.client.js:96
MojitoClient.doRender mojito-client.client.js:749
(anonymous function) mojito-client.client.js:453
MojitProxy.render mojit-proxy.client.js:123
(anonymous function) blah.js:60
b.Subscriber._notify combo:79
b.Subscriber.notify combo:80
b.CustomEvent._notify combo:79
b.CustomEvent._procSubs combo:79
b.CustomEvent.fireSimple combo:79 combo:79
C.fn combo:138

If "dependencyCalculations" is simply "precomputed" or undefined, the error goes away. I didn't see anything in the documentation that suggests that mojitProxy.render() wouldn't work in such circumstances, or things would need to be configured differently for it to work.

Caridy Patino

Closing this in favor of 0.5.x where we use a completely different approach to load and render ondemand mojits. this should not be an issue there.

Caridy Patino caridy closed this
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