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Better Error Message Needed (and possibly better doc needed) to Cover Case of 'tests' Dir Namespace Clash #823

christopherbalz opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Issue with Error Message Quality:

Instead of just throwing 'app/tests/base/staticServer.js - 'process undefined' ' when the 'app/tests' directory has been used for something other than Mojito unit tests (say, it's been used for non-Mojito-integrated Arrow tests as in my case), Mojito should provide a more informative error message.

Backing up a little bit from the specifics, and toward the general: Reserving commonly-used namespaces (in this case, a directory named 'tests') in a framework is fine but then if at all possible, informative error messages should be thrown if the reservation is violated.

      - - - -

Possible Issue with Documentation:

The doc makes clear that Mojito uses a 'tests' dir for mojits, but not that it is (effectively) reserved (at least, as far as I read and understood), and I was surprised that it was reserved at the 'app' level in addition to the 'mojit' level (which may be my own shortcoming in understanding the documentation). I am not sure that the doc does not properly address this issue, but since I have read all of the Mojito doc and didn't recall that 'app/tests' might be reserved, the doc should be checked to make sure that point is sufficiently covered.


Hi Christopher,

Thanks for filing the issue. The "Testing" chapter in the documentation specifies that the '{app_name}/tests' directory is for application tests:

Are you looking at a different section of the documentation? I'll update that particular section or add clarification.


Agree on the doc being okay. Thank you. The error message issue should be fixed though.


/ping @zhouyaoji, can we close this?

@caridy caridy closed this
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