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array gets concat when specialized into configurations #963

dmorilha opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

dmorilha Caridy Patiño

We have defaults.json, master section, an array containing default elements to our mojit.

Then we have applications.json, specialized section, mojit config, an array containing more specialized elements to the same mojit (of course in a more specialized way).

We are getting a concatenated array containing first the elements of the generic array before the elements of the most specialized array.

We think arrays should be entirely replaced. What is mojito's team perspective regarding this question?

Caridy Patiño

FYI: blend and blend3 are both doing array concat from what I can see in the code. /cc @drewfish


by the way the problem happened we think that could be a regression on the way mojito handled arrays.

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